Magnetic Resonance

Absolute Contraindications are:

  • Hip arthroplasty with material other than titanium
  • The existence of a pacemaker
  • Pregnancy before the end of the 3rd month


NO PREPARATION IS REQUIRED for the following MRI examinations:

  • Brain
  • ΑΜΣΣ
  • Visceral
  • ΘΜΣΣ
  • ΟΜΣΣ
  • Lithoid through acoustic pores
  • Upper – Lower Abdominal
  • Posterior peritoneal space
  • Ampho hip hip
  • Upper or Lower Limbs
  • Cervix
  • Ankle
  • Pichocarp


=> In case the examinee wears braces on the teeth, the examination should be done in consultation with the dentist – orthodontist.
=> For an MRCP test, the subject should not eat at least 6 hours before the test

Paramagnetic Substance is administered for the following tests:

  • Brain MRA
  • Carotid MRA
  • Thoracic Aorta MRA
  • Abdominal Aortic MRA
  • Renal Artery MRA


*** In cases of claustrophobia or inability to cooperate there is the possibility of performing the examination in the presence of an external anesthesiologist

*** The examinee is requested to provide previous examinations (Films or CD)

*** For the “Breast MRI” examination, the examinee must have made sure to do it between the 9th and 13th day of the cycle. There is no time limit for menopausal women.

*** For MRI Pyelography, lasix is ​​given intramuscularly before the examination

*** For Upper – Lower MRI MRI, intramuscular buscopan is administered.

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