How should I prepare for the Ultrasound?

How should I prepare for the Ultrasound?

Welcome to our website which hosts the experienced system that informs you about the preparation you need to do, depending on the ultrasound or ultrasounds submitted by your doctor your. Provided you have already downloaded the application & nbsp; CLIPS & nbsp; we have recommended, we quote Here are all the instructions you need to get our Digital Advisor up and running.

Step 1

Download the file to upload to the & nbsp; CLIPS application that you provide it in the button that follows and bears the text “Download the file”. So you start by clicking this button:

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Step 2

Once you do this, a new file named us.clp — will be saved at the location where your downloaded files end up — To run this file you must first open the application of CLIPS. Once you have the application installed, you can simply use the CLIPS icon displayed on your desktop. The environment that should appear on your screen is shown in the following image:

Step 3

While in the CLIPS environment, go to the application menu and select File and then Load:

A window will now appear in which you can browse the US.clp file you just downloaded.

Step 4 (Final)

Go back to the CLIPS menu and select Execution and then Run:

If you have followed all the steps correctly, our Digital Advisor’s first question to you should appear. We point out that for each question you answer with “yes” or “no”. Any other answer is not understood by the system and negatively affects the validity of the result. Also, for each answer you give, you will then have to press the ENTER key for the program to enter your answer and display the next question. At the end of all the questions you will be presented with a valid conclusion about the preparation that you should do according to the ultrasound or ultrasounds.

Note: Given our strong intention and effort to continuously improve our services for the best possible service, if you encounter any problems in the general use of our Digital Advisor, please send your comments to

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