Address: 104 Agiou Andreou, Patra

Telephone: 2610 – 220623

Our Diagnostic Center / Polyclinic is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

The B Diagnosis , since its foundation in 1991, with responsibility and reliability, is a point of reference both in Patras and in the wider region of Western Greece. Based on the rapid technological developments of the time, we provide high quality services in the field of Diagnostics. n the wake of this development, we would like to inform you about the upgrade of Magnetic and Axial of our Tomograph, for the complete renewal of our Cardiology department, as well as for the start of operation Gynecological Department .Thank you for the trust you have shown us throughout the operation of our Center.

Rapid Test is performed daily for Covid-19 AND in the B Radiodiagnosis of Aegio

Telephone: 26910 – 62700

"Anyone who has faced a serious health problem understands that the most dangerous and inhumane inequality of all is that you do not have access to the evolution of science that can improve and prolong your life. It is the duty of the state to "I'm convinced that we will have the opportunity to control at least 75% of cancers in the next 10 - 20 years."

Dr. George D. Demetri MD
Quick Family Chair in Medical Oncology, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
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